• As much as you can, reduce your complaints about people leaving you. To be frank, not every one can tolerate our stupidities.
  • If you knew why you don’t relate with everyone, you might have gotten a clue on why not every one wants to relate with you.
  • Sometimes, you shouldn’t be quick to get mad at those who called you a fool. That might be the most sincere remark you’re getting at that moment. If you are not what you were called, you’d process what was said before you react.
  • Reduce your circle of friendship to those you bless and those who bless you. Every other association outside these are sheer waste of time.
  • Praying is like banking. Whatever you deposit is what you will withdraw.
  • Knowing your ATM PIN doesn’t guarantee access to cash. You can only make withdrawals on what you must have deposited. Pray when you should!
  • This year, count it a scarce privilege if someone chooses to use your shoulder for comfort. God does businesses with those who help the needy.
  • It is hell, to live in a world whose love has waxed cold. It is torment to be surrounded by a people who have no compassion towards your pain.
  • No one can remain your friend without your consent. So, if you keep saying your friends are bad, and you do not break away from them, you certainly have some things in common.
  • Whenever I remember the words I told God in my last devotion, I put my accusing finger in my pocket! Mercy stops working for you the very day you become infallible.
  • Without the grace of God, what you should expect is disgrace. Because without Him, all that you can ever achieve is nothing.
  • This year, be intentional about your friendships. Approach the people you know will help you fulfill your purpose on earth, and become their friends. Also, be humble enough to reconcile if you have foolishly broken away from good people. If you are presently connected to them, prayerfully invest in and protect that union -satan hates fruitful and effective relationships.
  • It is not altogether wise to quickly break-away from everyone that displeases you. God gave room to forgiveness and reconciliation because He knows that people are not angels -they have the capacity to change. That worst man can become your best man tomorrow! Relate wisely!

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