IMPACT CHRISTIAN GLOBAL MINISTRY …….started as an outreach ministry on December 26th, 2003 in Lagos Nigeria. It was called Impact Christian Network and later Impact Christian Fellowship. It had members from different churches who met once in a week, to fellowship, and to plan evangelistic and revival meetings as a team.

We organized several Crusades, Revivals, Christian Conferences and Charitable visits to the hospitals and orphanage, with the intention of saving souls and blessing lives. 

In December 2006, we became a church and 30 people (exactly 15 males and 15 females), most of whom were new people attended the maiden church service. We continued in the word and fellowship in the Spirit with remarkable testimonies of souls getting saved, people getting baptized with the Holy Spirit, captives being set free, and several healing. The ministry was also distributing free Bibles (Complete with Old & New Testament) in different languages, for those unable to purchase for themselves. There was also a weekly devotional called HOPE PUBLICATIONS being distributed free of charge by the ministry. All that was happening in a place called Iju, of Lagos State in Nigeria.

In 2014, GOD spoke to Apostle Ola; “if you do not leave this city, your ministry will sink here!” He didn’t understand what GOD meant. Should he close down the church and move elsewhere or what? The following day, GOD continued; “…if I say ministry, I do not mean the Church {that was planted}”. GOD spoke to him to separate himself for four weeks outside the state (or county). There he got direction and grace for the next phase of his ministry.

By the time he returned to Lagos, GOD had shown him the door to Kenya, in East Africa. By November 2014, Apostle Ola entered Kenya and GOD began to coordinate his affairs there. Today, he has preached to countless churches, including Orthodox and Pentecostals. He has done Crusades and planted churches. He has held International and Interdenominational Conferences in the urban and rural areas of Kenya. He has coordinated International Discipleship Training Programme, and had well attended Pastors and Leaders Conferences. GOD has given IMPACT CHRISTIAN GLOBAL MINISTRY connections with Genuine Servants of GOD in different continents.

Presently, GOD has taken this ministry to Asia in The Philippines too, to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ. New fields are opening up, and GOD is helping the ministry.