IMPACT CHRISTIAN GLOBAL MINISTRY (ICGM) is an Apostolic Ministry that operates both in the rural and urban areas preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ every where we find ourselves, healing the sick, blessing lives, and raising disciples that will continue the work every where they are.

As a Member of ICGM
• You have to be born again
• You should be filled with the Holy Spirit
• You will submit yourself to our Discipleship Trainings, so that you can be taught and trained on how to witness to others, and to fulfill your divine purposes effectively.
• You will be personally guided concerning life and godly matters, until you succeed in every area of your life.
• You will participate using your gifts, skills and talents in any ICGM ministry works.
• Voluntary contributions are accepted from members of ICGM whenever we have mission, projects, or ministry works to do.

• Tithes are accepted from members of ICGM (ie. 10% of their incomes), Firstfruits, Seed Sowing (Seed Faith), and other kinds of Offerings. You can do these in our local church/fellowship near you or through our online giving channels on

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