“Also every contribution pertaining to all the holy gifts of the Israelites which they offer to the priest, shall be his. And every man’s holy gifts shall be the priest’s; whatever any man gives the priest, it becomes his.” -Numbers 5:9‭-‬10 AMP

Some years ago, I saw a lady preacher on the television speaking about the fact that she doesn’t collect Tithes, neither does she spend from the Offerings in her Church. She said she has her own business, and her business “sustains” her. Apart from her, I have heard many other Preachers brag about how they do not spend from their ministry’s income. They boast that they have their businesses (or jobs), so, why should they touch “Church Money”. Well, my simple conclusion of such speeches is that those preachers are either hypocrites, or actually not working for God, or even just being arrogant!

Ministry is work, a very serious work! Even Jesus called it work! In fact, Jesus removed many of His disciples from their regular secular jobs in order for them to do ministry with Him. Because, ministry is also work! And He assured them of pay-here on earth, and when they get to Heaven! God says He has given His Offerings and Tithes to His Ministers, you are arguing that they should be given to the poor, or spent on “Church Projects”. You have no right to teach God how to pay His staff. Pay careful attention to this: every well-trained Minister of God should know how to appropriate the funds that enter into his ministry. Even Jesus’ earthly ministry wasn’t spending all its income on the poor. They gave to the poor only when Jesus {their Senior Pastor} gives that instruction.

Study your Bible, don’t let demon-possesed bloggers destroy your life. If God has “given” Offerings and Tithes to His Servants, don’t complicate your life by fighting them. I remember a member of our ministry who decided he would pay his December Tithes in January, because (according to him) he didn’t want me “to spend it on rice and chicken during Christmas! He wanted to save it for me, so that I could do something more important with it”. Yet, my neighbor who never stepped foot into our church gave me a live-chicken. She said; “we know the value of your presence as a Minister of God in this house”. And another person brought a bag of rice with an envelop filled with cash-just before that same Christmas! If you don’t care about God’s Servants, He cares about them… because they work for Him-and He appreciates their huge sacrifices for His work! Your Pastor is not sinning when he eats from your Offerings and spends your Tithes -it is his food!

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