“But God shall shoot at them with an arrow; suddenly shall they be wounded.” Psalms 64:7 KJV

GOD is a warrior, that is why He is called the Lord of hosts. Do not ever misrepresent Him with your personal beliefs and lopsided arguements. Relate with Him based on how He has presented Himself to us in the Bible. The Bible speaks of chariots and horses, and of angels holding flaming swords. It is not a ferry tale that there was war, an actual war in Heaven! A battle took place in contest for His throne. So, do not try to be nicer than GOD. Refusing to pray against your enemies is trying to portray yourself as an effective intercessor for sinners. And that feels good, right? Moses is referred to, even by GOD, as a great Intercessor (Jeremiah 15:1), yet at his speech, an earthquake swallowed up a rebellious people from the camp (Nunbers 16:28-34).

The Rainbow you see in the sky is a weapon! Not just a colourful design. Rain itself is one of GOD’s arrows, one of His weapons of war. He used it upon the earth in the days of Noah before He vowed to never destroy earth with rain again. That is why He hung the bow! Whenever rain, especially heavy rain is about to fall, the empty bow (bow without arrow) shows up in the sky to remind Him of His vow, and to assure us that there would be no global flooding. That is why it is called “Rain-bow”. That being said, you should understand that GOD fights!

The Psalmist said GOD shall shoot at them with an arrow. Who are those he’s referring to… who are the “them”? Those who scheme and plot evil against your life. Those who spread lies about your life thereby frustrating your good efforts. Those who dig evil pits expecting you to fall into them when you’re not observing. Those who bless you with their lips but curse you in their hearts. Three men turned themselves into human talisman. They went to a Man of GOD pretending to be in need of prayers. Thank GOD for the Holy Spirit who told the man; “do not lay your hands on them!”. (If he had, the evil spell on the heads of those wicked men would have been transferred upon him). He prayed, but refused to lay his hands on them, until they started begging and confessing their evil plot against the Man of GOD. They knew they were in trouble, because the spell would backfire on them! Do not joke with your life!!! If you read about enemies in the Bible, and you see GOD talking about Him being a Fighter, do not act as if you’re nicer than Him. Pray the right way!

MY PRAYER FOR YOU: Is that GOD should fire His arrows at those who are hiding in the dark to destroy your soul. Those who have vowed to destroy you even if it costs them their lives, may GOD discomfit them, in Jesus name! Amen.

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