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If you do not know where you are heading in life, everyone will be your guide.

Once you master the use of YES and NO, some people will call you funny names.

Always remember that you do not live in people’s thoughts. What people think about you should not stop you from fulfilling your purpose.

If you can pray, depending on GOD, you will come out of whatever trouble you’re in.

GOD has the answer to every single question in your head, just make sure your ears are wide open.

If GOD cares so much about the Church, such that He chooses those who lead it. I believe He also cares so much about marriages, such that He can guide whom one marries. Because, a bad marriage can destroy a good ministry, thereby affecting the Church. GOD can choose your spouse for you, if you ask Him.

Competing with people will only make you arrive at their destination, not at your own destiny.

If GOD gives you another chance, please, don’t blow it. Many people didn’t get that opportunity, even though they sought it with tears. Remember Esau.

Do not destroy people’s relationships because you want favour for yourself. That is another kind of witchcraft.

The language many people haven’t learnt is called silence. Sometimes, it explains things better.

Explaining yourself to your negative critics will only get them, and you, more confused.

Some critics have made up their minds. The more you try to vindicate yourself, the harder they become. So, leave them to their views. Later, they’d get to know how holy you’ve been all along.

If you are everybody’s best friend, you’re a suspect.

Some people don’t like sincere people, because they expose their evil works.

Some of those who spread bad news about you, are actually looking for how to cover their shortcomings. So, never mind them.

Anyone who makes any effort to creep inbetween a united family is satan’s representative. Whoever the person may be.

If you are married to a good person, keep your spouse jealously. Millions of people wished they knew this earlier.

The voice that tells you that your neighbor’s husband (or wife) is better than yours is about to lead you back into single life. Or into an adulterous life. Marriage is hard work, and there’s no break, even on weekends.

The voice that tells you that you’re the only one that is truly anointed is another kind of satanic spirit of arrogance. Don’t allow it to lead you!

Education {acquisition of knowledge} is what makes people do things differently, not the purchase of educational certificates.

Buying educational certificates without studying, is like going to a shop to buy the receipt of shoes, without wearing them. That’s a joke, isn’t it?

Don’t call them rebellious and carnal because they are investigating your “prophecies”. They probably know the Bible better than you do. Prophecies should be judged. And we should test all spirits.

Since The Master alone, will ask you what you did with your talents on the last day, use your talents whenever you get the chance. Don’t wait until everyone celebrates you.

If you were to vote for yourself, knowing you for who you are, would you sincerely cast that vote?? Judge {evaluate} yourself before judging {condemning} others.

Do not live as if GOD has no plan for you. Acknowledge Him, in all your ways, and He will direct your paths!

If you’re called into full-time ministry, you should lack no good thing. If you do, “build tents” also!

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