WISDOM TAUGHT ME … 21st of August,2019.


Don’t stop praying until you feel a strong peace in your heart over the matter. After then, turn your prayer into praise.

Some people do not observe fasting, they say Jesus already fasted for them. They should actually not eat, because He should have also eaten for them! Self-deception always causes confusion.

If you leave your good relationships to chances, you will soon lose them!

Some people complain that they do not have friends. But I ask, are they also friendly?

GOD is more eager to fulfill your ministry than you’re willing. It is His work, not yours. Remember, you were “called” into it.

If you care too much about what everyone thinks, or say about you, you will soon start telling lies, instead of speaking the truth.

If you care too much about what everyone thinks, or say about you, you will not serve GOD effectively.

Despite your mistake of producing Ishmael {that caused you mockery}, GOD can still give you Isaac {i.e laughter}. Believe!!

Mistakes are not proofs that GOD didn’t choose you. They’re proofs that you need GOD to be useful for any thing.

Sometimes, mistakes are made while trying to prove that you are perfect. Just being yourself can achieve that.

Be careful of your actions and inactions when things are tough. GOD hasn’t changed His method of using tough times to test faithfulness. “The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the Lord trieth the hearts.” Proverbs 17:3 KJV

You are very wise, until you started comparing yourself, and your achievements with others.

TRUTH is a person. Yet not everyone believes in Him. Don’t get offended with those who doubt you.

Do not ever laugh at a limping Prophet. That broken joint might be his power conduit. Be careful.


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