1. BREAKING OF ROCKS: Trail blazers do the hardworks. Do not ever make the mistakes of comparing yourself to those who are operating under an already existing businesses or ministries. Their leaders broke the grounds for them to ride on smooth paths. You’re not the same, please.

2. SUSPICION: You are a suspect until you do what you’re doing long enough, and consistently enough, before people will believe in you. Wisdom demands that we verify things before we embrace them. So, be willing to go through verification process. It would pay off in the long run.

3. MOCKERY: I have observed that people always laugh at what is not familiar! Don’t feel bad when people laugh at your new, small, and crude beginning. Over time, your mockers will join you to build what they once laughed at. They just need to be sure you are not a joker; that you know what you’re doing.

4. AMUSEMENT: Some others won’t mock you, but the look on their faces as they pass by will be that of amusement. I remember how I got two professional Barbers confused in The Philippines when I stepped into their salon to have my haircut. My hair texture, length, and form was completely different from what they handle every day. So, in amusement they turned around me, laughing and wondering how and where to begin from! After some while, they attempted and succeeded in barbing my hair neatly. If I visited the same place steadily, the amusement would fizzle away naturally.

5. MISTAKES: Mistakes are demons many people don’t want to confront in their paths to starting new things, so they bury their plans and dreams. When you’re starting something new, you’re not following a map drawn by someone who had walked that way before. You’re following the unseen direction that inspiration gives to you. So, don’t be so hard on yourself if you put your foot in wrong paths several times, until you learnt by experience what works and what doesn’t work in that path. Your mistakes will eventually become lessons that would save several other lives that are coming behind you.

6. UNSTEADY FOLLOWERSHIP: Every new thing attracts different kinds of interests. People may join you for many personal reasons when you’re starting something new. After some while, as they listen to you and observe the direction you’re going, they will decide whether they want to follow that path or not. Please, they have every right to stay or leave. Don’t ever get bitter when people walk away from you while you’re finding your footing. Don’t curse those who leave you. Some might even come back like Apostle Peter, and they’d stay with you till the end!

7. BE YOUR OWN NUMBER ONE MOTIVATOR: King Ahab was convinced when he saw fire fell from Heaven at the request of Prophet Elijah. But, when Jezebel his wife threatened to kill the Prophet, he didn’t say a word or lift a finger to protect him, as the King in the land! Everyone abandoned Jesus too. His closest and most trusted disciple swore he never knew Him, three times! That didn’t change the fact that Jesus was genuine. If you have not grown to be your own first motivator, don’t start any thing new. Because, you might die of heart attack, due to heart-breaks!

8. YOU ARE VERY NEEDED SOMEWHERE: If you were not an answer to someone’s prayer or need, God would not have called you! Always pray that God should lead you to where you are needed. That you’re not accepted where you are does not mean you’re not needed somewhere else. If you are not celebrated where you are, you are being tolerated there. Move to where they need what you carry, you would see how much honor awaits you.

To be continued …
Watchout for part 2.

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