“… If you will not believe, surely you shall not be established.”-Isaiah 7:9 NKJV

“Whatever-will-be-will-be” is a phylosophy for the spiritually lame people! It is a spiritual system that makes you drop your faith, abandon prayers, shun fasting, and disregard all spiritual rules and principles. That mindset purports that you cannot change any thing!

In the spirit realm, you must accept or reject whatever is presented to you. You can’t be indifferent! You can not sit on the fence in the spirit realms. In fact, your indecision is counted as a decision! Whether you agree or not, your present spiritual condition is as a result of what you have believed or disbelieved!

The Bible is replete with awesome promises from God, for those who put their trust in Him, those who seek Him, or those who serve Him. Yet, if your spirit-man doesn’t embrace those promises personally; you can never experience them! God told the King of Judah; “if you do not believe the prophesy you’re hearing, you will not be established as king!” Do you believe the prophesies you have heard concerning you? Do you believe what you read from the Bible?! This same principle affects our salvation, prosperity, deliverance from satanic control and manipulations, freedom from habitual sin; etc! If you do not believe, you can never enjoy or experience the Kingdom of God!

SAY THESE: I believe that Jesus paid for my sins; so I will not be punished by God!
I believe that Jesus, though rich, became poor for my sake, so that I could become rich; so poverty has no hold on me! I believe that Jesus has set me free, so I am free indeed! I believe, that whatever I do with God inside me, will prosper! In Jesus mighty name! Amen.

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