30th of August, 2019.


Finally, experience taught me that it is not the best teacher, instruction is!

Amazing. There is fire?in hell, and there’s fire?in Heaven. Your union with Jesus will determine where you will experience it.

Israel has fought more enemies than anyone, yet still alive and strong. If GOD be for you, no one can conquer you!

Prayer gives you the special privilege of being part of GOD’s creative work in your own life. Therefore, pray!

If you have GOD, you have no more points to prove to anyone.

If you join your enemies to fight your helpers and intercessors, you have been bewitched!

Humility is a deliberate act to let others take the glory if they want to.

Humility is not another word for stupidity, it is power under control.

GOD doesn’t want to humble you, He wants you to humble yourself.

If your wife is prayerful, you’d live in Eden. Satan can’t chat with a woman that’s in GOD’s presence.


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