“I also could speak as ye do: if your soul were in my soul’s stead, I could heap up words against you, and shake mine head at you.” Job 16:4 KJV

The question we have not asked the friends of Job is; “at what point does a known righteous man suddenly become a suspected sinner?” Is it when he is going through unknown trials? Or when someone reports he has sinned, or he is caught committing sin?

Many Christians operate like the friends of Job today. If they find their brother going through one challenge, either spiritual or physical, their first reaction is “what has he done wrong?” Is it wrong doing that attracts trials or righteousness? Before conducting a spiritual enquiry, why don’t you at least, first empathize with your friend? The disciples of Jesus saw a man born blind, do you remember their immediate question? “Who sinned?” Before you find out the “sinner”, strengthen your brother first. I couldn’t find the place where Job’s friends assured him of GOD coming to heal and restore him. I didn’t hear them tell him to hold on and wait for GOD. They were just investigating and demanding Job should search himself. As good as that sounds, it can be a cruel thing to tell someone who just suddenly lost every thing he has, including his ten children and many servants.

Criticism is so cheap, even fools can afford it. Encouraging words are only found with the wise. It is wicked to further tear an already wounded man. What Job expected from them was strenght and encouragement, not judgement. Certainly, we can correct our Brothers, and guide them to live right. But, that is if we find, or hear they are doing something wrong. Not suspecting them because they are going through tough situations. Job was known to be a righteous man by everyone, including GOD, until his predicament. “But I would strengthen you with my mouth, and the moving of my lips should assuage your grief.” Job 16:5 KJV. That was what he expected from his very close friends. Strenght and relief! But, they dished him the opposite of the duo. How are you handling your hurting friends? Are you rebuilding them, or tearing them down? Read Job 42:7-10; you will find that GOD got offended with Job’s friends and asked them to take an offering of forgiveness to him, and request for his prayers. At last, the “self righteous” men became the sinners, and the “suspected sinner” turned out to be righteous man. Mind how you treat hurting people.

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