“Lo, he goeth by me, and I see him not: he passeth on also, but I perceive him not.” Job 9:11 KJV

Christianity is a life that must be lived strictly by faith, not by feelings or sight. Apostle Thomas said he wouldn’t believe Jesus had resurrected until he had seen the nail prints with his eyes, and dipped his finger into the holes in His hands and side. That is the voice of unbelief, and amazingly many Christians still live like that today.

They do not just believe what is written. They want to see angles before they believe they exist, and that they are around them. They ask GOD to take them to Heaven or hell, before they can effectively preach the gospel to sinners. They are always asking for physical signs like Gideon, even after GOD has clearly spoken through His word. When Jesus got into the room, He reproved Thomas: “Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen Me, do you now believe? Blessed [happy, spiritually secure, and favored by God] are they who did not see [Me] and yet believed [in Me].” John 20:29 AMP. Job said GOD went by Him, but He didn’t see Him. He passed by him, but He didn’t perceive Him. So, Job knew all these by faith. He didn’t ask GOD to “show-up”. He just related with Him by faith. GOD is with you whether you see Him, or not. Don’t look for some strange feelings and special winds as signs that GOD is around. He doesn’t always operate that way.

There was a time in the year 2005, I prayed that GOD should help me to attend a Christian Conference in another state/county of Nigeria. My chances of attending that programme was very slim, due to distance, cost of travel, and registration fee. As I prayed, I suddenly felt a warm but very strong grip on my right wrist. I asked the Lord; “what …who is that??” He said; “that is the angel that will take you to the conference you want to attend”. Supernaturally, I was assisted to the conference, I was massively blessed, and gloriously returned to my base, before the angel departed. He chose to make me feel the grip of that angel. That doesn’t mean without the feeling the angel wasn’t there. Trust His words and always act on them, because they are reliable …they are trustworthy! He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you, believe Him! He also said “… and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew 28:20 KJV. Don’t look for Him, just believe He is right there, wherever you are, He is with you! Amen.

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