“It pleased them indeed, and they are their debtors. For if the Gentiles have been partakers of their spiritual things, their duty is also to minister to them in material things.” -Romans 15:27 NKJV

I once saw a lady-preacher on television, talking about the fact that in her own ministry, she funded everything with her money. She claimed that she had her means of income outside ministry, so she didn’t need Tithes and Offerings from the people. She just wanted people to come hear the Word of God, worship God, and go home! She sounded so nice and amiable; to the gullible… Wise people know, that is a bait for serious deception! Preachers that ask for Tithes and Offerings are more trustworthy and sincere.

Frankly speaking, Preachers do so many things that in spirit-realms portray arrogance, rather than humility. One of such actions is, them telling people that they run their ministries with their own money. Instead of allowing God’s people to give freely and get blessed. God will bless the Preacher that gives his private money into his ministry, just as much as He would bless the people if the Preacher allows them to give into the same ministry. If a call into ministry is from Heaven, that ministry doesn’t belong to the person that God has called, it belongs to God. So, the Preacher is expected by Heaven to use Kingdom-methods of fund-raising, instead of using personal principles and egocentric philosophies. In the Kingdom of God, we give, we offer Sacrifices, we pay Tithes, we give Offerings, we sow Seeds, etc; as duties … and our God blesses us for these!

Apostle Paul said, you have become a debtor to anyone that blesses you spiritually. Which means, actually… you’re not doing that person a favor when you give material things to him or her. If that person has ministered to you spiritual things, Paul said you owe that person material things. He is talking about obligation and responsibility. The Person ministering spiritually should not put a price-tag on his services towards you. But, you need to be responsible by ministering back with your material things. Minister material things to your Pastor, your Prophet, your Intercessor, Teacher, Spiritual Counsellor, e.t.c. And if you say; “well Apostle, in my case, no one ministers to me spiritually, so I owe no one Tithes and Offerings.” Believe me, you need instant spiritual help!! If everyone does his or her duty well in every ministry, Kingdom operations and blessings will flow smoothly on earth without struggles… Let us not fail on our duties!

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