And do not grumble, as some of them did—and were killed by the destroying angel.” -1 Corinthians 10:10 NIV

People who always feel they have the rights to express their feelings or views, without recourse to whoever gets offended should thread softly when dealing with God!

Whatever God has done, or has promised to do, will not stop Him from punishing those who don’t control their minds and their mouth! The children of Israel walked through the sea on dry ground, with walls of water on both sides. They ate the food that angels eat! Drank miracle water from a standing rock! They were promised a land that was flowing with milk and honey! Yet, when they grumbled… when they murmured… God destroyed them!!!

What are you saying; about your ministry, about your business, about your family, about your job, about your spiritual leader, about your church; e.t
c? How do you react when you experience any discomfort? Before you react to discomforts and displeasures, do you reflect on the wonders, the blessings, the good things, and the great promises, that you have enjoyed and benefitted from? Those who grumble and murmur are often ungrateful and very wicked people. Because, they intentionally forget or dismiss (very fast), whatever they have benefitted from. That’s why God destroys them!! Be grateful to God and to the people around you; even when you don’t seem to like what you’re experiencing. Gratitude has a way of changing our perspective about situations and about people. Where you are is only a passage to where you are going. Don’t act like you’re grounded in the wilderness! A glorious future awaits you, if you will stop complaining. If you have been murmuring or grumbling, please stop… start being grateful and appreciative, see how good God has been to you; and you will arrive at your Promised Land!

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