Arrogance is a liar, it tells foolish people that they are more important than their actual worth!

No force of darkness can stop these three men from rising:
The one that will not stop bending his knees in prayer.
The one that will not drop his arms in worship.
And the one that is willing to give God every thing!

Wise men don’t speak evil of people in their backs, they know the world is becoming smaller every day. One day, the person you spoke to, and the one you spoke about, will befriend each other!

The voice that is telling you to fight your helpers and your prayer partners is that of a satanic spirit, and it is out to destroy you completely!

Avoid people who practice Foolishness and acts of Debauchery, they are wasters of resources and destroyers of valuable relationships.

Be careful of the company you keep. I attended a prayer meeting with faith, but I left with fear. Because, every testimony and prayer point I heard there magnified satan above God!

You should not “write-off” something you did not write. Who are you, to condemn another man’s Servant?!

Only foolish men leave God’s work, expecting it to stop. They forget He has been working before they were created!

Critism is so cheap, even fools can afford generously.

Be generous with your praises when God and men help you, they will remain generous towards you!

Have you noticed that men who are unfaithful to their vows to God are very good at getting offended with God, demanding He should be faithful to His promises towards them?

Those who believe in you but can not identify with you publicly, and those who do not believe in you, are friends!

Spend all the time in the world, with those who believe in your work! You can only live once.

If you want to travel far, travel light!


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