“But when he [finally] came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired men have more than enough food, while I am dying here of hunger!” Luke 15:17 AMP

Wait, in Bible days, were there famines? Yes, there were several famines. How did the followers of GOD go through those seasons? That is a question you should ask if you want to live a different life than what the people of the world are presently going through.

The younger son of the rich man woke up to his senses recollecting the fact that his father had wealth immeasurable. He thought about the abundant provisions flowing in his father’s house; so much the servants there have a lot to eat and give away. He thought, now I think I should approach my father. There were several harsh situations of famine in the Bible, but GOD was always around to help His people. Abraham was helped during famine, Isaac was also helped {he got very rich and became very great during famine}, Jacob and his children were helped through Joseph {Egypt became the global economic powerhouse through the ministry of Joseph, during famine}, Elijah was helped {birds, Angels, and a widow supernaturally fed him}, Elisha was helped {remember the 24hours miracle of abundance-“by this time tomorrow”}, David was also helped when he sought for divine solution concerning the famine that ravaged the land.

Don’t fold your arms and suffer scarcity as if you’re under GOD’s punishment. Ask GOD, what should I do now? Ask Him for provisions. Believe me, ravens are still supplying bread for people today! Try talking to the Father. A lot of the famines that happened in the Bible days were caused by wicked men (I believe the same is happening now); but GOD ensured those who believed in Him got properly taken care of. If you believe, your case would be different, in this season. Instead of panicking and worrying, get into your closet and ask the Father for directions and provisions. In our Kingdom, GOD’s Kingdom, where we belong, there is surplus and abundance. Talk to the Father, ask the right questions. You will be helped.

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